ISSN 0354-2238 (Print), ISSN 2704-4963 (Online), DOI: 10.20948/mathmontis
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Volume XXX, 2014

Author Title
R. Shamoyan, S. Kurilenko On a sharp estimate for a distance function in Bergman type analytic spaces in Siegel domains of second type
R. Dallakyan Some limit relations of Blaschke and Djurbashyan
T. S. Popova On the modeling of thin rigid inclusion in the viscoelastic body
G. Borovin, I. Ilin, A. Tuchin Quasi periodic orbits in the vicinity of the sun-earth and their implementation in SPECTR-RG & MILLIMETRON missions
A. A. Samokhin, N. N. Ilichev, P. A. Pivovarov, A. V. Sidorin Analysis of photoacoustic monitoring of laser ablation in the case of laser pules with periodically modulated intensity
V. I. Mazhukin, A. V. Shapranov, A. V. Rudenko Comparative analysis of potentials of interatomic interaction for crystalline silicon
G. K. Borovin, M. V. Zakhvatkin, V. A. Stepanyants, A. G. Tuchin Determination and prediction of orbital parameters of the RADIOASTRON mission
M. P. Galanin, A. V. Krupkin, V. I. Kuznetsov, V. V. Lukin, V. V. Novikov, A. S. Rodin, I. V. Stankevich Mathematical modeling thermal elastoplastic contact interaction system of bodies