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The existence and the uniqueness of solutions of integral equations for the capacity q and function of late α
N. Mihaljevic
On some boundary properties and uniqueness theorems of subharmonic functions
S. Berberyan

Mathematical Physics

To development of the non-additive thermodynamics of the quantum systems on basis statistics of Tsallis
A.V. Kolesnichenko

Mathematical Modeling

Thermodynamic parameters of mixtureswith silicon nitride under shockwave loading
K.K. Maevskii
Estimation of noise in calculation of scattering medium luminance by MCRT
S.V. Ershov, D.D. Zhdanov and A.G. Voloboy
Hydrodynamic characteristics of weakly conductive liquid media in the non-uniform electric field
M.S. Apfelbaum and A.N. Doludenko
Modeling of thermal conductivity of Si in the range from the normal to near-critical conditions
O.N. Koroleva, M.M. Demin, V.I. Mazhukin and A.V. Mazhukin

Computer Science Applications

Comparative analysis of the accuracy of OPENFOAM solvers for the oblique shock wave problem
A.K. Alekseev, A.E. Bondarev and A.E. Kuvshinnikov
Open rendering benchmark
V. Frolov, D. Pavlov, M. Trofimov, P. Kazbeev and V. Galaktionov

Modeling in Economics

A note on the perpetual American straddle
L. Obradović

Academic Life

Ethical norms and legal framework of scientific publication
T.A. Polilova
Russian exploration of Venus: past and prospects
G.K. Borovin, A.V. Grushevskii, A.G. Tuchin and D.A. Tuchin