Mathematica Montisnigri - Volume XLIV, 2019


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φ-Biprojective and (φ,ψ) - amenable Banach algebras
Z. Ghorbani and J. Baradaran
Some results on the exact 1-step domination graphs
M. Farhadi Jalalvand, N. Jafari Rad, M. Ghorani
On boundary values of products of M.M. Djrbashyan
V.S. Zakaryan, T.V. Tavaratsyan
To the substantiation in the framework of nonextensive Tsallis statistics of Onsager's reciprocity relations for kinetic coefficients
A.V. Kolesnichenko
Simulation of quadcopter motion control in virtual environment systems
M.V. Mikhaylyuk and E.V. Strashnov
"Power-Information-Society" model
A.P. Mikhailov, A.P. Petrov and O.G. Proncheva
Modeling limit states for curvilinearly reinforced rotated disks
Yu.V. Nemirovsky, N.A Feodorova
Mathematical modeling of the temperature state of a plane layer polymer dielectric at constant voltage
G. N. Kuvyrkin, I.Y. Savelyeva and V.S. Zarubin
The structure of the electric double layer at the metal-vacuum interface
V.I. Mazhukin, A.V. Shapranov, A.V. Mazhukin
Calculation of luminance of scattering medium by MCRT using multiple integration spheres
S.V. Ershov, D.D. Zhdanov, A.G. Voloboy
Automated cryptanalysis of substitution cipher using Hill climbing with well designed heuristic function
L. Bulatović, A. Mijanović, B. Asanović, N. Trajković and V. Božović
Life long scientific feat. On the occasion of centenary of the birth of academician of RAS A.A. Samarskii
B.N. Chetverushkin, A.I. Aptekarev, V.I. Mazhukin, O.N. Koroleva, M.M. Demin, A.V. Mazhukin
Научный подвиг длиною в жизнь. К 100-летию со дня рождения академика РАН А.А. Самарского
Б.Н. Четверушкин, А.И. Аптекарев, В.И. Мажукин, О.Н. Королева, М.М. Демин, А.В. Мажукин