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Authors should submit the Manuscript electronically at the address: or or The paper should be prepared in MS Word by the instructions, which can be found here or here. The file has to be translated into Portable Document Format (PDF) before submission to the Editorial board of the journal. The papers should have a precise and informative title. 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification and Key words and Phrases should be included at the bottom of first page of the paper. Theorems, other statements and formulae must be clearly marked, separating the results of the authors from the already known results. The list of references has to be enclosed in alphabetical or chronological order at the end of the paper as well as the affiliation of the author.

Detailed information and Manuscript submission for journal Mathematica Montisnigri can be found on the website

Subscription for one volume is 40 USA dollars for institutions and 20 USA dollars for individuals. For subscriptions and exchange please refer to the above address.

The refereeing of the manuscript is done by anonymous reviewers. Upon acceptance of the paper, page proofs will be sent to the contact authors for proof reading.